Whether you need protection from the sun,wind, or rain, we have a brimmed hat that will meet your criteria. We use high-quality photography and detailed descriptions to ensure that you know exactly what kind of brim you're going to get.


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  1. Faux Fur Casual
    Faux Fur Casual
  2. Tail Boater
    Tail Boater
  3. LiteFelt® Blanket Barclay Trilby
    LiteFelt® Blanket Barclay Trilby
  4. LiteFelt® Blanket Saxon
    LiteFelt® Blanket Saxon
  5. Buckle Boater
    Buckle Boater
  6. Laser Open Crown
    Laser Open Crown
  7. Stripe Casual
    Stripe Casual
  8. Wool Lahinch
    Wool Lahinch
  9. Word Casual
    Word Casual
  10. Marbled Casual
    Marbled Casual
  11. Cotton Bucket
    Cotton Bucket
  12. Stripe Lahinch
    Stripe Lahinch